Mihai Eminescu Trust is dedicated to preserving the local heritage and reviving the villages and communes of Transylvania and Maramureș, two of the most authentic areas in Europe.
In short, our mission is to revitalize local communities in Romania, by enhancing the cultural and natural heritage, while encouraging multicultural integration and local economies.
We apply an integrated approach to sustainable development. It involves and empowers local actors, contributing both to the preservation of the authenticity of the heritage and to its harmonization with the needs of the community.


Recent information about MET projects and events

The Haferland festival is on its way!

Friday, July 29th, the festival ”Haferland Week” will begin. The opening takes place inArchita, Mureș county, a village that has some beautiful barns, unique in Romania. Here thecommunity of the …
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Alma Vii: botanical camp for 14 kids

In addition to restoration of historic buildings and refforestation, you already know that wealso work a lot with children in the villages, on several matters that interest us all. We …
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The UNESCO volunteer camp in Viscri has started

Monday, September 5th, the international camp for volunteers called  World Heritage Volunteers Initiative has started in Viscri, Bunești commune, Brasov county. The camp was created and organised to arrange and …
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