Not just numbers, but people.

In 20 years of activity we managed to involve people from the local communities in more than 1.230 projects, developed in 46 villages and 1115 towns.


These people, that have found a new calling, matter the most to us.

Viscri - Strada Principală

People and abilities

  • 190 locals trained in traditional construction techniques;
  • 48 locals trained in agro-tourism;
  • 40 village entrepreneurs participating in English classes;
  • 100 jobs created along with the projects promoted by MET;
  • 120 tourism seasonal jobs.

Local businesses

  • 5 village associations established in: Alma Vii, Archita, Biertan, Mălâncrav and Viscri;
  • 20 craftsmen started their small business with MET help;
  • 4 blacksmith and 3 carpenter workshops were opened;
  • 2 brick and tile-making ovens were built;
  • 20 locals were supported to rehabilitate and decorate their guest houses;
  • 2 weavers helped to create and sell traditional textiles;
  • An eco orchard and an apple juice factory opened;
  • A pallet factory started.


  • 180 children participated to the 6 thematic summer camps organized by MET, since 2014: “I want to be a craftsmen”, “The Young Architect” and “I am creative”.
  • more than 120 children were involved in garbage cleaning activities in their village;
  • 8,500 pupils from rural areas helped to plant more than 2.200.000 trees under a reforestation campaign supported by Accor-Orbis Hotels;
  • 7 schools from Sighișoara and more than 500 kids involved in eco friendly activities;
  • 18 students received MET awards for great results in history and biology contests.