Southeast Transylvania is a dearly loved region near to one’s heart and mind. One of the reasons for this affection is that it has managed to preserve its cultural and natural heritage in big part intact. It enchants with landscapes, with its hard working people devoted to their livelihoods who have managed to care for what nature has gifted them with. The villages here have remained loyal to traditional architecture, and the countless fortified churches spread throughout the forested valleys in the area attract visitors from all over the world.

All these have been maintained in good form so far, but they need permanent care and proactive attitudes to have a healthy future. Since 20 years ago, the Mihai Eminescu Trust has been this proactive force through hundreds of projects carried out in Transylvanian villages. Some of these include restoration of important buildings in a community, being a pillar for locals in their adaptation to modern, present times without changing the foundation of their lifestyle, and the reinvigoration and keeping of traditional crafts. By collaborating with locals, the foundation has been concentrating on involving people in the maintenance of nature and customs for the sustainable use of local resources.

2019 brings new exciting plans that we are happy and can barely wait to share with you. The need to support our projects can especially be felt in the field of education for youth and the elderly. We propose implementing programs that include much needed health and cleanliness education in rural schools. Another cause which deserves your aid, also tied to youth and the elderly, is our plan to build a recreation and education center in each village we work with. Up until now we have opened learning centers in Alma Vii and Viscri, with Malancrav and Archita being the villages to follow in their steps.

Small producers, local entrepreneurs and craftsmen also need support to be able to carry out their work in specially prepared spaces. If we succeed in this, the younger generations will have the opportunity to continue the tradition of their parents’ work on their native lands. Our reforestation project and our planting of fruit bearing gardens in schools that we have developed alongside AccorHotels-Orbis group can be multiplied as well. For example, instead of building only one of these gardens per year, we would love to extend our project to encapsulate two or more gardens in order to ensure the children have a greener future ahead.

Mihai Eminescu Trust`s actions and projects can be sustained in various ways by those interested in getting involved. Donations are of course a key source of financing and the Foundation is as always grateful to all who decide to make a financial contribution. This way, our plans can continue to grow and turn into wonderful things. This financial support is essential for co-financing our future projects and the way in which we will continue our work.

The banking data you need from our part is:

Name of beneficiary account: Fundația Mihai Eminescu Trust

Adress of beneficiary: Sighișoara, 10 Cojocarilor Street 545400, Mureș County, Romania

Bank name: Raiffeisen Bank

Bank Telephone: +40 265 703 660

Iban code (for donations in euro): RO53 RZBR 0000 0600 0462 2750

Swift code: RZBRROBU

Account no: 04627550

Please write „donation” in the field designed for explanations regarding the purpose of the amount of money sent.

It would make us tremendously happy if you could visit the villages in which we work, so you can see what we do and put eyes and hands on the results we so often preach about. Thank you.