On 13th December 2019 the children and teenagers from the village of Alma Vii, Sibiu County, participated in the workshops called “Waiting for Santa Claus”. Four days later the locals took part in another event, “Christmas in the community”. This was a friendly gathering between the community members and Mihai Eminescu Trust. Both events are part of the project “Reveal Alma Vii – Redescoperiti Alma Vii”. 

This is a comprehensive project for the restauration and functional reconversion of the fortified church of Alma Vii, Commune of Moșna, Sibiu County. The co-financing of 500.000 US Dollars has been awarded by the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) financed by the States Department of the USA, as a result of a world-wide project competition which runs yearly. In 2019 only nine projects from the whole World were shortlisted and Mihai Eminescu Trust was awarded the greatest funding worldwide.  

The project “Reveal Alma Vii – Redescoperiți Alma Vii”, beside its main objective to restore the protestant church, is aiming to put the church to use for other cultural, educative and touristic purposes. In the same time this project is also a part of the concept “The independent village” developed by Mihai Eminescu Trust. The goal of the project is to revive the local communities by getting the locals involved and to improve their life quality through the responsible use of the cultural and natural heritage.  

Mid December 2019 we organised two workshops for children in the fortress’ own kitchen. 16 children had a lot of fun for a few hours creating decorations for the Christmas  tree. Every child managed to create a few decorations. They also took part in activities in the kitchen, baking ginger bread and Christmas cookies. Even the littles ones got involved in working the dough, cutting and decorating the cookies. In the end, everyone was happy with their creations with honey and cinnamon flavours. Everything was baked with a purpose for the whole community and was served the community’s gathering on the 17th of December.  

The Embassy of the United States of America organised together with our Foundation an event called “Christmas in the community” on 17th December 2019. All residents from Alma Vii were invited. The children and the teenagers sang Christmas carols, decorated the Christmas tree and received Christmas presents. They spent a beautiful afternoon with their parents and grandparents at the MET Learning Centre. We have been delighted to have as guests Mr Eugen Roba, the mayor of Moșna, together with the principal of the local school and members of the Alma Viilor Association.  

Our Foundation informed the locals about the project REVEAL Alma Vii – Redescoperiți Alma Vii. Mihaela Türk, who is charge of this project presented the outlines of the project  and highlighted the importance of the involvement of the local people in the village. The Foundation proposed future gatherings and community actions as part of this project.  

Discussions with the community representatives, quality time spent with them, the happiness of the children and the teenagers’ enthusiasm turned this event into a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the new partnership between the local community and the Embassy of the United State of America in Romania.