Considering all the experience and expertise accumulated in over 14 years of activity in the renovation of old buildings, the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation is well equipped to offer consultancy services to private individuals or firms that are interested in construction and rehabilitation using traditional means. Upon your request, we can take measurements, estimate costs, create the restoration projects and overview the construction sites. Our knowledge in this field is the result of both theoretical studies and practical work done in collaboration with Romanian and international construction specialists. In the building renovation, we insist upon the use of traditional materials only – lime paste, brick and tile made in the Viscri and Mălâncrav ovens, wood and iron joints, locks and hinges handcrafted by the Viscri blacksmiths. Only by using traditional materials can we recreate the original look of the villages in the area and we can restrict the abusive and unaesthetic use of industrial products such as PVC window profiles, metal-sheet roofing and synthetic colours. The consultancy services are a natural consequence of our constant effort to rehabilitate and preserve the cultural heritage of the Transylvanian villages.
Agricultura durabilă în zone defavorizate ale României: Conservarea şi valorificarea soiurilor de fructe