Guest in Criț

  A neighbouring village of Viscri, 31 km from Sighișoara, Criț was first mentioned in an official document in the year 1322. On the westernmost hilltop stands the village church, first fortified in the 15th century with a protective wall and five towers. In 1810, the original church was torn down, to be replaced by a Neo-Gothic edifice. Still, elements of the old church yet remain, including solid wooden beams marked with the year “1666.” The church organ was built in the nearby town of Râșnov, in 1822. Between 1920 and 1950, two of the five towers were destroyed. For many centuries, the towers of the church have served both as storage space and refuge for the people. Every street in Criț was carefully planned so as to be within easy reach of the towers – in case invading hordes should suddenly arrive upon the town. The church and the citadel were restored in 2013 with EU funds. After the rehabilitation work was complete, an exhibit was installed in the southern fortified wall, showcasing valuable village relics, paintings, and photography. At the Suciu household in Criț, you can taste a wide variety of goat and cows' milk cheeses. The mouthwatering dairy specialties of the Suciu family include basil-and-pepper cheese, homemade sour cream and butter – and a unique variety of cheese featuring cumin, ground pepper, and nuts. From “Rozi’s” – as Mrs. Rozalia Anghel is known in the village – you can buy products made out of fruits and vegetables: berry homemade jams and comfits, fruit and vegetable pickles, elegantly labeled herb teas and dried fruits. Mr. Emil Pandrea, a skilful beekeeper, is always on hand to discuss the art of beekeeping and the homeopathic properties of his varies remedies.
Criț   The lakes of Mr. Gheorghe Patea from Meșendorf are an attraction for the fishermen tourists but also an incredible place for the perfect picnic. Bocșa is the birthplace of a centuries old local traditional craft – the making of charcoal from slow burning wood found in the surrounding soils. The coal makers work on the hilltop next to the village and can be visited during a pleasant nature walk. And for a complete experience, we recommend the local specialty – krotch - a Saxon recipe with cabbage, smoked pork, thyme, and dill. The krotch is served with hot peppers and ţuică, traditional Romanian homemade Schnapps.

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