Happy to receive guests, but not in any conditions. What does responsible tourism mean?

  It means developing the touristic infrastructure by taking into account a few essential criteria: sustainable management, local community development, cultural heritage and natural environment preservation. The MET started developing responsible tourism by renovating old Saxon houses and turning them into traditional guest houses for small groups of visitors. Also, we arranged for the professional training and tourist operator certification of 40 villagers.
Grup de turiști cu biciclete în Viscri
Here, time seems to stand still. The guest can enjoy a truly authentic rural experience in the villages of Viscri, Mălâncrav, Criţ, Floreşti, Alma Vii and Biertan: traditional architecture and design, natural produce, crafts and a unique country side experience. The guest houses have the original traditional furniture and architecture, with minimal intervention for modern living standards (in-house bathrooms for example). Aside from citadels and fortified churches, the guests can really enjoy the natural landscape by exploring varied hiking trails. For those who want a truly authentic experience, there are organised visits to the craftsmen of the village, carriage rides and strolls to the hilltop sheepfold.  
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