How does The Whole Village Project translate into day-to-day life?  
  • The village looks well taken care of and living conditions improve;
  • The people can have stable and consistent income as a result of professional training and qualification in traditional jobs;
  • The locals can remain in their villages as new work opportunities are created for them;
  • The small business financially support and motivate the local craftsman to keep practicing and pass on their century old skills;
  • The guest houses enable the development of local tourism, responsibly capitalising on traditional heritage.
Rediscovering the spirit of the community and the local pride needed for the long lasting of a rural settlement – these are the profound results of this unique and complex project.
  The Whole Village Project is currently being implemented in Viscri, Criț, Mălâncrav, Floreşti, Alma Vii, Richiș and Archita.