We are now ready to present the stages of the Project ‘Reveal Alma Vii – Redescoperiti Alma Vii’. This is a comprehensive project for the restauration and functional reconversion of the fortified church of Alma Vii, Sibiu County. The financing of 500.000 US Dollars has been awarded by the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP), financed by the States Department of the USA, as a result of a world-wide project competition which runs every year. 

The restauration and the functional reconversion of the fortified church in Alma Vii, which is a Category A historical monument, is crucial for maintaining the network of the fortified churches in the area. Quick interventions are necessary first taking in consideration the fact that the church has not been in use and properly maintained since the Saxons have left 20 years ago. Here are the milestones: 

Stage 1 – Project management (Months 1 – 27) 

Stage 2 – Obtaining permits for deploying the restoration (Months 1 -5) 

Stage 3 – Signing the contract with the construction company (Months 5 – 6) 

Stage 4 – Preparation of the building site and vegetation cleaning (Months 8 – 10) 

Stage 5 – Digging works to uncover the drainage system and underpinning of the church foundation (Months 10 – 12) 

Stage 6 – Consolidation of the foundation of the church (Months 12 – 13) 

Stage 7 – New drainage system (Months 13 – 15) 

Stage 8 – Structural intervention on the walls of the church (Months 14 – 17) 

Stage 9 – The restoration of the sacristy in the church (Months 14-17) 

Stage 10 – Electrical system at church (Months 14 – 17) 

Stage 11 – Electrical system in the church sacristy (Months 17 – 18) 

Stage 12 – Structural intervention on the roof (Months 15 – 16, 22 – 25) 

Stage 13 – : Plastering works and lime wash of the outside church walls and sacristy (Months 25-27)

Stage 14 – Preparation and deployment of the final reception ( Months 26 -27) 

Stage 15 – Community involvement actions in heritage management ( Months 1, 5, 8, 11, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27) 

Stage 16 – Promotion and visibility (Months 1 – 27) 

1500 brochures will be published in Romanian and English in order to promote the project. A number of 1000 restoration guides will also be published. This project will start in October 2019 and will end in December 2021. Through the restoration project of the fortified church in Alma Vii the United States of America is given an opportunity to: 

  • protect the unique cultural patrimony of Transylvania, 
  • consolidate the network of renovated fortified churches.  
  • save a historical monument.  

At the same time the United States of America is offering a chance to the locals of Alma Vii and the ‘at risk’ groups in the community, giving them the opportunity to grow economically through tourism. In this project are involved as well volunteers from the United States of America.