The key principles of The Whole Village Project

  • The projects are selected and implemented by the locals, which ensures both their involvement and their responsibility.
  • We use only construction materials produced locally and with local techniques, in order to keep the historical buildings authentic.
  • The construction work is done only by the locals, which in turn develop traditional skills. Thus new jobs are created.
  • We’re revitalising the hand crafts, the traditional construction techniques and old professions.
  • The locals are encouraged to open up small businesses, based on traditional crafts or trades.
  • We’re constantly supporting the practice of traditional farming and the preservation of the households and farms.
  • We support the development of responsible tourism, done by the locals, capitalising on the natural and cultural heritage.
Satul Trainic The villagers, involved from the beginning in this process, take this inheritance into their own hands, protect it and profit from it responsibly, being completely aware of the future of their community.