We would like to inform you that we have excellent news about the project “Reveal Alma Vii – Redescoperiti Alma Vii”. Before we start the building and renovation works on the protestant church, there are many community gatherings. We are organising these events as part of the project, that includes public debates, workshops and meetings. The objectives are to get everyone involved and to give community members to opportunity to take responsibility as well.  

We met with the community on the 27th of February 2020, so the gathering was called “Spring time sensory workshop in Alma Vii”. We organised a few activities with the young children from the village. What kept them entertained for two and a half hours? Basically, making surprise gifts for their mothers and grandmothers for the 8th of March.  

Our team organised five different activities and the kids had to choose at least one activity. The activities were: making a body scrub with brown sugar, olive oil, coffee and honey; making 3D greeting cards; and making bracelets. The last two ‘work stations’, as we called them, were: making ‘Mărțișoare’ and painting mugs using the napkin method, which was something new for the kids.