Volunteering or how to get involved

Throughout all its activity, the Mihai Eminescu Trust received the help of volunteers, especially foreign (from Great Britain and Germany), who greatly contributed to the implementing and development of some of the projects. We are grateful to Karin Faltlhauser from Germany that worked on the interior design of the Furriers’ Tower. Presently, the tower houses a permanent exhibit of artisan objects and mister Ioan Nistor’s leather workshop. For the academic year 2013-2014, Aliosha Merz, a German volunteer, is working on a series of presentation movies promoting the foundation guest houses. The Mihai Eminescu Trust will soon initiate a Volunteer Program in which any local or international do-gooder can apply to volunteer in the foundation projects. 
The Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, Transylvanian villages with welcoming people and vibrating communities. The Foundation is offering volunteering opportunities and unique experiences. Volunteers will be living together with other volunteers in a Transylvanian village, in an amazing natural setting, where centuries old traditions have been kept.
You will be part of a great working environment in a prestigious and experienced organisation. Most of the times transport, accommodation in traditional houses and the cost of meals will be covered by the Foundation. In case that none of the volunteering programs are appealing to you, please consider that we are open for suggestions. You can write us a message at: contact@mihaieminescutrust.ro
1. Online volunteering (January to December 2020): general translation and translation of documents (English and German), research, graphic design, web developer, coaching youth leadership, news monitor, the management of other volunteers, fundraising, communication, editing and proof reading, illustrator 2. Non-formal education in the Learning Centre in Alma Vii (May to September 2020) 3. Volunteering projects for the events organised by the Foundation in Sighisoara and other Transylvanian villages: Brunches, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, village festivities (April - September 2020) 4. Programs involving non-formal education for disadvantaged persons from the village Mălâncrav, Sibiu county (May - September 2020) 5. Internship for a photographer in the restauration project of the fortified church in Alma Vii, Sibiu county (January 2020 - December 2021) 6. Volunteer for the planting sessions (March - May 2020) 7. Ambassador for the Foundation (vlogger, blogger) helping us to promote our causes (January - December 2020) 8. Volunteering in Transylvanian villages (planting trees, educational activities, ecology, team-building) (March - October 2020) 9. Office work in our building in Sighisoara (Jaunary - December 2020)
People above the age of 16 can be engaged in volunteering activities for a minimum period of two weeks (for some specifing activities 1 day).