Our Story

Mihai Eminescu Trust London (MET London) was founded in 1987 in the capital of Great Britain which at that time ran specific projects that aimed to counter Ceaușescu`s systematization plan, aiming to save 8,000 villages in Romania. The entire activity of MET London continued until 2000 when the Mihai Eminescu Trust Romania was established in Viscri.

Initially, the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation (MET Foundation) focused mainly on the villages of Transylvania, a special region due to its history and cultural richness and where the rural environment suffered from mass emigration of the Saxons after the 1989 Revolution. The MET Foundation carried out a series specialised projects focused on the heritage built from the villages of Transylvania, of projects carried out alongside multicultural communities, where the locals had a great openness to learn both to work with local resources and to use traditional construction techniques.

The MET Foundation’s activity has constantly evolved: it has been diversifying the areas in which it operates, and it has been expanding its project implementation scope. Motivated to take charge of the revitalisation of the cultural and natural heritage, the MET Foundation has implemented over 1,247 projects of various sizes. The MET Foundation has contributed to forming new communities, bringing local cultural values back to life and restoring the emotional connection between the community and its ancient traditions.

Our Philosophy

The vision of the MET Foundation is to generate a sense of pride and genuine well-being among the members of these communities, building – together with them – a self-sustainable future, which also values the cultural and natural heritage.

Although the MET Foundation admires and promotes rich traditions, either those born from its experience or those of past generations, its work is grounded in the present and it acts with integrity and responsibility for the common good, for long-term results, and for the benefit of future generation.

The MET Foundation always seeks to create lasting partnerships between the people with whom it works. Its work has always supported a vibrant community spirit with its the richness generated by ethnic diversity and multicultural integration.

The MET Foundation’s work, which extends over 20 years, is based personal examples of leadership in revitalising these communities, passionately focusing on improving the life quality for the community members and on the revitalisation of Romania`s natural and cultural heritage.

Our Mission

In short, the MET Foundation’s mission consists of the lasting revitalisation of local communities across Romania, by enhancing the cultural and natural heritage, encouraging multicultural integration, and supporting, through its projects, the local economies.

The MET Foundation embraces an integrated approach to sustainable development. It involves and empowers local actors, contributing both to the preservation of the authenticity of the heritage and to its harmonisation with the needs of the community. 

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