The Foundation focuses all its activity on Saxon villages in the south-eastern part of Transylvania, an area of a rich historical, cultural and natural heritage. Although strongly focused on Transylvania, MET also activates in other regions of the country, where its projects that focus on heritage are welcomed, as is the case, for example, in Maramureș.

The Foundation’s projects target the preservation and capitalization of the cultural heritage, which contributes to the development of the community through a series of conjugated plans, designed to work on the long term. The way in which the Foundation works has continuously improved and proved to be effective over time. At this moment, its activity is recognized and appreciated by the Romanian Ministry of Culture, the Council of Europe and other institutions and organizations across the country and abroad as an example of good practice.

On the one hand, MET restores important historical monuments in Transylvania, rehabilitates with the help of traditional techniques sheds and household annexes, renovates the facades and roofs of privately and publicly owned houses and buildings and identifies and develops together with community members ecological solutions to improve the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

On the other hand, the Foundation promotes the development of responsible local cultural tourism, which is based on the use of local agricultural products and gastronomy, proposes actions that enhance the natural environment and supports the revival of ancient crafts and trades. MET is a partner that provides valuable know-how to members of these communities who want to grow their small business, helping them maintain their traditional lifestyle, in harmony with the nature and customs of the place.

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