We are raising the ARC generation

You know very well that we, here at MET, encourage local entrepreneurship, from a young age, because it is never too early when it comes to education in this field. Local entrepreneurship is one of the pillars of our umbrella concept, “The independent village.”

We fondly remember the “Growing the ARC Generation” project. What was it about?

Our Foundation, in partnership with the Local Council of Small and Medium Enterprises Sighişoara, implemented in August-October 2017 the youth project “Growing the ARC Generation – Education for Rural Entrepreneurs in Culture”, funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The project innovatively approached entrepreneurial education in the field of culture, targeting young people with reduced opportunities in the counties of Braşov, Mureş and Sibiu and contributed to stimulating the involvement of young people in the socio-economic life of the community they come from. Thus, a group of 30 young people from Sighisoara and the villages of Alma Vii, Archita, Malâncrav, Viscri was included in a program of counselling, career guidance and entrepreneurship.

Within the counselling and professional orientation component, group and individual counselling sessions for young people took place, the contracted psychologist applying self-knowledge tests and elaborating skills sheets, contributing to their personal and professional development.

The initiation in entrepreneurship was made through the project partner, more precisely the Local Council of Small and Medium Enterprises from Sighisoara, within a 3-day course held in Sighisoara, during which general information about entrepreneurship was transmitted, facilitating meetings between young people and entrepreneurs from Sighisoara. The project also included creative workshops for capitalizing on cultural heritage, and the “Harvest Festival” of that year was the occasion for young people to exhibit their projects and was a practical experience for future young entrepreneurs.

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