How could we let a church from 1424 perish?

The evangelical church in Florești was built in 1424 by the noble Bethlen family, the Eastern wall bearing an inscription in its memory. In 2001, the evangelical church, in an advanced state of degradation, was deconsecrated. It was entrusted to the local community in Florești, through the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation, in exchange for the restoration work carried out by the foundation. Restoration work began in 2003, with the priority being to save the roof. A local drew from memory images of the interior, based on which MET began to restore the benches inside, the balcony, the staircase, the floor and the ceiling. The interior and exterior restoration works, coordinated by the architects Gabriel Lambescu and Jan Hülsemann, were executed by local craftsmen. The evangelical church in Florești regained its rights in the autumn of 2008, and the end of the work was marked by Bishop Klein, who held a service to re-sanctify the church.

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