Breaking bread with the neighbours

The people of Criț and Archita had the opportunity to feel once again what it is like to be part of a community. This happened thanks to the event “Breaking bread with the neighbours: Celebrating carrying and hardworking individuals”, part of the PACT2020 project.

After a session of voluntary work, we sat down around the table to discuss. We know that life in the village is not easy, but we also know that there is plenty of will power to create a better future. We would like to thank those who worked with us in order to develop practical solutions for the issues facing the rural communities.

We recently met to discuss a vision for the future of the village and how to make it a reality. We prepared traditional food for the local communities and awaited people to come and join us in the conversation. It is easier to discuss serious things after a delicious meal with neighbours!

The team behind the PACT2020 project, WWF Romania, Mihai Eminescu Trust, Mioritics takes this opportunity to showcase the results from the activities organised in Colinele Transilvaniei and the results from the meetings with local leaders from the ten villages which participated in the project.

The PACT 2020 project is financed by the Active Citizens Fund – Romania, as well as by Island, Liechtenstein and Norway through the SEE 2014 – 2021 grants. You can find out more information about the project and how to help the local community here:

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