This summer we are meeting the most hardworking and enterprising people in 10
villages located in the area where we are active. The goal is to find together solutions on
how to engage civically in a coherent way. Namely, we find the right tools and ways in each
individual village to open a useful dialogue and partnership with local authorities to achieve
good results.

The 9 village and 1 town we are going this summer to talk to people who get involved in the
good running of their community they belong to are: Archita, Criț, Viscri, Saschiz, Cincșor,
Daia, Mălâncrav, Richiș, Alma Vii and Agnita. All these are part of the Colinele Transilvaniei
destination, and the project is called Pact2020 and is carried out in collaboration with WWF
Romania and Mioritics.

If we were to tell our story in just a few words, we prepare fresh coffee and go to meet the local community at a round table. These meetings are organized in each village with those who want to do good things for the village and their neighbors, not just
for themselves. There we openly discuss, for several hours, about the most pressing
problems in the village and how to best organise a core of active people in the village to
solve these issues together with the authorities.

This project is carried out by the WWF Romania Association, the Mioritics Association, the
Mihai Eminescu Trust and benefits from funding in the amount of 247,856 Euro,
through the Active Citizens Fund Romania program, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and
Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021.

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