World Heritage Volunteers Action Camp, 2023

Volunteers from Brazil, Cyprus, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Romania arrived at Viscri. This year’s group will transfer their knowledge and love of cultural heritage to an even younger generation. They will support the creation of a space dedicated to heritage interpretation within the Educational Center for children, recently opened in Viscri. Thus, the volunteers will prepare materials and educational activities that will help the children to better understand what heritage is, including the heritage of Viscri, but also the values ​​and responsibilities that accompany this cultural heritage. Last but not least, they will continue to improve the tourist experience in the village. Viscri is part of the UNESCO cultural site Villages with fortified churches from Transylvania. The project is organized by MET, “Patrimoniu pentru Viitor” Cultural Association and Alba Eglesia Foundation. The project is supported by the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO.

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