In addition to restoration of historic buildings and refforestation, you already know that we
also work a lot with children in the villages, on several matters that interest us all. We do art
camps, thematic workshops and school orchards. The practical botanical camp for kids is
one such example and was organized for the first time last year.

The camp in 2021 turned out so well and the children (and their parents) were so excited
that they have convinced we have to come back with this year’s edition. The 14 children and 4
volunteers – including a biology teacher – met daily at the Alma Vii Educational Center for 5
days at the beginning of July.

There were full days with practical experiments, new information, and important playing
sessions also focused on biology: they modeled animal and plant cells. The evenings are
dedicated to documentaries with an educational role and directly related, of course, also to
the botanical field. The children had fun, but have also learned new things.

All this happened in a place that is very rich from botanical point of view in itself. Below you
have some photos that show you what the atmosphere was like in the workshop room, but
also with the abundance of plants in the courtyard of our Educational Center in Alma Vii.

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