Mihai Eminescu Trust is dedicated to preserving the local heritage and reviving the villages and communes of Transylvania and Maramureș, two of the most authentic areas in Europe.
In short, our mission is to revitalize local communities in Romania, by enhancing the cultural and natural heritage, while encouraging multicultural integration and local economies.
We apply an integrated approach to sustainable development. It involves and empowers local actors, contributing both to the preservation of the authenticity of the heritage and to its harmonization with the needs of the community.


Recent information about MET projects and events

Bilateral Romanian-Norwegian Workshop

Last week, some of our colleagues joined us in Hunedoara to participate in the third bilateral Romanian-Norwegian workshop in the Dacia’s Capital – A Living Museum of European Cultural Heritage…

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Holiday Gifting Concludes

This week, we will wrap up distribution of the Christmas gifts generously donated by Germany’s humedica e.V. Foundation to Transylvanian children. We absolutely loved playing Santa Claus again this year….

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The ȘURA Project in Archita Concludes

Last Friday, we wrapped up the “ȘURA – Laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement and Experimentation” project in the village of Archita with music and good cheer. We took stock of…

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