Bilateral Romanian-Norwegian Workshop

Last week, some of our colleagues joined us in Hunedoara to participate in the third bilateral Romanian-Norwegian workshop in the Dacia’s Capital – A Living Museum of European Cultural Heritage project.

We spent two very full days alongside the Møre og Romsdal County Council and the Hunedoara County Council, sharing information and perspectives on how we can protect both archaeological sites and historically significant buildings, and how historical sites can be impacted by urban development.

Several key themes emerged from our discussion:

1. We need to incorporate innovative approaches to effectively present our heritage.

2. The involvement of all interested parties, as well as the alignment of their initiatives are essential to protecting heritage.

3. Young people respond very well to digitization projects.

4. Research results can be presented effectively using accessible, rather than technical, language.

5. Fostering openness to the public prevails in promoting heritage preservation.

6. Projects can bring communities closer to a location’s identity.

7. Popular initiatives for public engagement: the traveling museum, experiential and educational activities in museums (such as cooking, gardening, making replicas of heritage objects), teaching heritage through “gaming”, and utilizing augmented reality.

🎯 Project details:

⚜️ Dacia’s Capital – A Living Museum of European Cultural Heritage was submitted by the Hunedoara County Council and is carried out in partnership with the Mihai Eminescu Trust and Norway’s Møre og Romsdal County Council.

⚜️ The restoration and revitalization of the Sarmizegetusa Regia archaeological site is funded through the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021, under the “Restoration and Revitalization of Historical Monuments” provision of the RO-CULTURE Program

EEA and Norway Grants

RO-Cultura Program

EEA & Norwegian Grants

Ministry of Culture

Project Management Unit – UMP

National Heritage Institute

Hunedoara County Council

Mihai Eminescu Trust

Møre og Romsdal County Council




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