Given the experience and expertise gained over 20 years of activity in the field of rehabilitation and restoration of traditional houses and buildings, the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation is able to provide consulting services to individuals and legal entities who want to rehabilitate or restore their homes, using traditional building materials and techniques. At the request of interested individuals and legal entities, we prepare measurements, cost estimates, we carry out rehabilitation and restoration projects, but also site supervision projects. Knowledge in this field was accumulated following the implementation of a number of 1,267 projects for rehabilitation and restoration of built, civil and religious heritage, as a result of theoretical and practical studies offered by specialists in reconstruction and renovation works, both in Romania, as well as from abroad. When rehabilitating houses and outbuildings, we strongly recommend using only traditional construction materials, such as lime paste, slaked for six months, handmade brick and tile, carpentry and joinery, hinges, padlocks or other wrought iron elements, worked by blacksmiths. Only by using traditional materials can the old-fashioned appearance of the villages in the area be restored and the abusive and unsightly use of industrial products can be restricted, such as double-glazed windows, tin roofs, bright and synthetic colours, etc. Consulting services are the natural result of our constant effort to contribute to the rehabilitation and conservation of cultural heritage in the villages of Transylvania.


If your property is within a radius of 50 kilometres from Sighisoara, our offers are as follows:

  1. Preliminary advice. This involves several activities: on-site travel and visual inspection of the state of degradation of structural elements, identification of the causes of degradation and possibilities to combat it, recommendations on repairs, replacement of finishes, source of purchase and how to use traditional materials, local craftsmen who know traditional work techniques. Rates can be requested through the contact form
  2. Estimates of investment costs. These include: on-site travel, measurements of existing buildings, pre-measurements, quantities of materials needed, execution planning, a technical assistance session on site. In this case, a work estimate will be drawn up, which will include the following: the required number of materials, the costs of materials and labour, a technical assistance meeting with the beneficiary and the recommendation of contractors. Tariffs differ depending on the type of construction: barn, household outbuildings, stables, sheds, residential buildings. Rates are requested through the contact form.

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