Figures and, in fact, people

During the 20 years of activity, we managed to set in motion people from the local Transylvanian communities through over 1,267 projects developed in 115 localities. These people, who have found a new path, matter the most to us.

We support local entrepreneurship as much as possible, through various projects for which we managed to attract funding. We motivated all the participants who completed our training courses to open small businesses. It is generally about setting up a PFA or an SRL, in order to conclude a service contract with MET and other companies or individuals. Those firms can then offer, in the long run and within a legal framework, services for the rehabilitation and restoration of houses and annexes, for the restoration of the roof or furniture, they will be able to sell apple juice, offer accommodation or meals.

Since year 2000:

  • 20 craftsmen were supported to set up small businesses;
  • We offered support for 4 blacksmiths and 5 carpentry workshops;
  • We built 2 brick and tile ovens;
  • 20 inhabitants were assisted to arrange their own guest houses;
  • We supported 2 weavers to produce and sell traditional fabrics;
  • 1 organic orchard and an apple juice factory; *
  • 1 company established for the production of pellets;
  • We contributed to the establishment of 5 rural associations in the villages of Alma Vii, Archita, Biertan, Mălâncrav and Viscri;
  • 1 solarium built for a family from Archita;
  • Financial aid for the restoration of the building where the Hosman mill operates today;
  • 1 S.R.L. of the Foundation was established for the promotion and administration of traditional guest houses by the ladies of the village;

During these 20 years of activity, MET considered necessary the implementation of 33 projects of this type in the villages of Stejărenii, Viscri, Mălâncrav, Criț, Archita and Alma Vii, and their total cost amounted to 466,548.78 euros.

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