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When it comes to heritage conservation activities, the Foundation is guided by a guiding thread, and medium and long-term plans are well developed. Because all these projects involve considerable efforts and important resources, MET relies on the contributions of those who want to support the Foundation in its efforts to revitalize rural communities, restore and capitalize on the architectural, historical and cultural heritage. In concrete terms, the way traditional houses on the main street of a historic village look or the ability of the inhabitants to make visitors feel good when the latter spend a few days in a place in Transylvania, depends on all these resources. There are several ways in which MET can be supported in its projects by those interested. Of course, donations are an important source of funding, and the Foundation is grateful to companies and individuals who decide to contribute financially to MET activities; without sufficient funds, the plans run the risk of not being completed.

Projects that can be supported by donations

The restoration project of the fortified church in Alma Vii successfully crowns another project, carried out between 2014-2016, through which the fortified precinct of this church was restored. In 2021, the entire fortified church will be restored and enhanced, thanks to a co-financing earned through the Ambassadorial Fund for the Conservation of Cultural Objectives. However, the need remains to find other funding for the restoration of the interior of the church and its revitalization.

A project that MET is carrying out, starting with 2021, is the restoration and revitalization of the Butchers’ Tower in the citadel of Sighisoara. As we know, Sighișoara was included, in December 1999, on the UNESCO world heritage list. MET holds a joint venture agreement with Sighișoara City Hall, in order to restore and revitalize the Butchers’ Tower and Bastion, today in an advanced state of degradation. We will turn this place into an attractive environment for students and young people from Sighisoara and beyond, an environment in which they will participate in non-formal education workshops and all kinds of actions dedicated to them. Thanks to the financial support from both the Horizon Foundation (Netherlands) and the Liviu Tudor Foundation, we carried out the emergency interventions and technical documentation, but we need much more financial support to complete the project

A project that we are carrying out, starting with 2019, together with the members of the Roma community from Mălâncrav village. The support received from the partners from the Horizon Foundation is a good start, but in order to continue the work started here we need a lot of support so that the efforts to integrate these disadvantaged people in the village community bear fruit. We really want to be able to continue the non-formal education workshops, the greening actions of the area, the projects to ensure such important sanitary conditions.

For a community to be strong, investments in children’s education are mandatory. That is why we set out to open non-formal education centres in the Transylvanian villages where we work, where children can read, use computer-based educational programs, watch movies or learn English.

In 2018, we inaugurated the MET Alma Vii Learning Centre, with the help of our volunteer friends from the USA, Amy Rogers Reid and her family. Children and young people in the village now enjoy educational and recreational activities in a space full of fun games and volumes of books from many fields, whiteboards, musical instruments, computers and more. Many of the workshops are organized by volunteers from the country and abroad.

The learning and recreation centre for children and young people in Viscri has taken shape with the help of donations from companies and individuals, whom we thank with great gratitude on behalf of the children! The centre is therefore located in the village of Viscri, in house number 36, and already has a film screening room and a library made up of books donated by our supporters. Currently, we are looking for support and funding for the arrangement of similar non-formal education centres in the villages of Mălâncrav and Archita.

We want all children to eat as much fruit as possible. We also want the society in which we live to show a deeper concern for the goods and spaces that need to be managed together. Through its activity, the Plant for the Planet project contributes to the fulfilment of both desires, and the results are already visible. The MET Foundation has found a suitable partner in the AccorHotels-Orbis group for the re-establishment of school orchards in Transylvania. Initially, the first school orchard was established at the Homorod General School, through a project funded by a Swiss grant. Then, with the help of AccorHotels-Orbis, four orchards were re-established in Sibiu and Covasna counties, in the localities of Moșna, Biertan, Brăduț and Vârghiș, and recently the one in Plăieșii de Jos, Harghita county was re-established. The idea of ​​preserving traditional fruit varieties from Transylvania, with the help of students in grades V-VIII, was a success; the care of the planted trees is taken over every year by the sixth-grade students, thus ensuring the continuity of the action. The partnership for this project with AccorHotels-Orbis has ended, but schools and especially students still have a great need for such projects.

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