Getting involved

When it comes down to keeping our cultural heritage alive, Mihai Eminescu Trust follows a clear strategy with well-defined medium and long terms plans. As all the plans and projects involve consistent efforts and important resources, MET counts on the contributions coming from organisations and companies that want to support the Foundation in its process of revitalizing rural communities, restoring and valuing the architectural, historic and cultural legacy.

Whether we talk about the way in which traditional houses on the main street of a historic village look like, the way in which heritage was revitalised and kept, the way communities are empowered, or the ability of locals to represent their culture and to cater for the needs of visitors spending some time in Transylvania, all of the success stories depend on resources.

Mihai Eminescu Trust’s actions and projects can be sustained in various ways by those interested in getting involved. Donations are of course a key source of financing and the Foundation is as always grateful to all who decide to make a financial contribution. This way, our plans can continue to grow and turn into wonderful things.

Account name: Fundația Mihai Eminescu Trust

IBAN: RO94RZBR0000060004622691 (lei)/ RO53RZBR0000060004622750 (euro)


Bank name and address: Raiffeisen Bank, Sighișoara, 14-18 Morii Street, 545400, Mureș County, Romania.  Bank Telephone: 0040 265 703 660