Strengthening the spirit of community

The field of community development projects has been developed and implemented since the beginning of our activity.

It is essential for strengthening the spirit of community between locals and for the enhancement of the local tangible and intangible heritage.

In the past, the communities in Transylvania were organized in neighbourhoods that, based on written rules, built and kept in COMMON the built heritage: fortified churches, houses, huts, bridges, pavements, but also the maintenance of pastures, field fountains and forests. For example, in Viscri we found rules that were written since 1643, according to them the life of the community was being organized.

Through the implementation by MET, in the last 20 years, of a number of 155 projects in this field, we tried to support the local authorities in preserving the built heritage, which is shared and which has reached an advanced state of degradation. By hiring trained local craftsmen, all members of the community are slowly beginning to love, to be proud, but also to keep this shared heritage in good condition.

Civic Act

Increasing the level of awareness of young people about the importance of active citizenship Călin…

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