Living multi-ethnic heritage

This project was implemented in the village of Mălâncrav, between 2015-2016, and aimed at the sustainable development of this community in Sibiu County. The project was funded by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, and its aim was and is to make the most of the local cultural heritage. Following the route thus created, tourists visit important historical monuments such as the three churches in the village, which show the religious tolerance specific to this area: the Evangelical Church, from the mid-fourteenth century, fortified and decorated with unique murals in the Transylvanian cultural landscape, The Orthodox Church, built in the late 1600s, and the Roman Catholic Church, built in 1865.

Next is the Apafi Mansion, brought back to life by the MET Foundation, and the old orchard at the top of the hill with the thematic path with “Traditional fruit varieties”. Tourists have the opportunity to get to know this place in a creative and personal way, by participating in interactive workshops of traditional crafts.

Promoting equal opportunities and preserving authenticity are among the key objectives of the project. Thematic exhibitions were organized in Bucharest, Tg. Mureș, Brașov and Sibiu, where the craftsmen from Mălâncrav presented their village as a cultural, ecological and sustainable tourism destination.

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