We encourage locals to open or manage a guest house

“While working at the MET houses I have the chance to get in touch with new people every day, plus I take care of the things I normally do at home: cooking, washing, ironing, serving food, it’s not hard at all, but you have to enjoy the work.” Sorina from Criț is responsible with the MET houses in the village and she enjoys delighting the guests with hand-made products”

“It’s nice to work at the MET houses because I have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and communicate with them.” – Gabriela is an administrator at house 102 in Mălâncrav and is the one who bakes wonderful cakes for the guests.

“It is a beautiful experience and I am very happy when my guests enjoy the meals I prepare for them. It is a great advantage that I work in the village and I am close to my family. I really like what I do, I love to discover wonderful people, with unique life stories.” Alexandra is responsible for the houses of the Alma Vii foundation and takes care, on her own initiative, of a small garden from which her guests pick fresh vegetables for salad.

In each village we operate in we encourage locals to open or manage a guest house and to highlight what they already have: a traditional house inherited from their grandparents, a consolidated and closed barn, former stables or even the house in which they live, where they can offer rooms for rent. It is a business that the locals can develop with their own family all year round or only during the summer months. For less than seven accommodation places / unit and a shared bathroom for two rooms, no ISU authorization is required, and the classification is easily obtained, this being “rooms for rent”. You can find more information in our brochure: “You can also be a small entrepreneur in tourism!”

Renovation work on the house, stable or barn must be done with traditional materials. It doesn’t matter if the walls are not perfectly straight, if the beams are smoked or the floor is not polished. For tourists it is more important to feel the history and personality of the house, the warm, human atmosphere.

In 2003 the foundation started to arrange traditional guest houses in several villages, Alma Vii, Biertan, Breb, Criț, Florești, Mălâncrav and Viscri. You can find these houses here: www.experiencetransylvania.ro. Through this initiative we wanted to motivate the locals to have the courage to open a guest house, to be an example of good practice of the quality standard of a MET – GUEST HOUSE. Of course, responsible tourism initiated by MET contributes to the development of the local circular economy and highlights the existing cultural heritage.

People who choose the guest houses of the MET Foundation do so while looking for peace, for nature, traditions, the authenticity of rural life and local gastronomy, for the quiet lifestyle and other things that they cannot find at home. All of these things are found in the way the locals receive and treat their guests, in the way they renovate, restore or decorate the house, the yard and the garden.

MET has trained in the past 20 years people who currently own or manage guest houses in our villages. 18 ladies work for Experience Transylvania, the Foundation’s guest house network, after specializing as tourism agents or as chefs.

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