A strong community invests in the children’s education

It is very important for a strong community to invest in the children’s education. That is why we set out to open educational centres in the Transylvanian villages where we work so that children can learn to read, use computer educational programs, watch movies or learn English.

Two years ago, we inaugurated the Alma Vii MET Learning Centre with the help of our U.S. volunteer friends Amy Rogers Reid and her family. Children and young people in the village now enjoy educational and recreational activities in a space full of fun games and books in many fields, whiteboards, musical instruments, computers and more. Many of the workshops are organized by volunteers, some of them international.

The Learning and Recreation Centre for children and young people in Viscri has taken shape with the help of donations from companies and individuals to whom we thank on behalf of these children! The centre already has a movie screening room and a library made up of books donated by our supporters.

Currently, we are looking for support and funding for the arrangement of similar educational centres in the villages of Mălâncrav and Archita.

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