Building seven bridges over the creek which passed through the village

The first project implemented in the village of Alma Vii was included in the category called community development. It was about building seven bridges over the creek which passed through the village.

A few years before the implementation of this project the mayor of Moșna commune had asked the Foundation to try and work with the villages of this commune as well. On our first visit to the village of Alma Vii we were impressed by the unique architectural harmony and landscape that exists here. During one of the first community meetings we organized, we learned of the common need of several inhabitants related to the repairment of the bridges in this village.

By a decision of the local council of Moșna commune, the Foundation was offered all the oak necessary for the building of new bridges. We, in return, managed to motivate The Horizon Foundation to provide us with support for the labor costs of the craftsmen responsible for the work.

But how to make sure that the long oak pillars remained inserted in the ground in order to hold the structure of a bridge, which was passed by cars filled with wood or hay? The answer came immediately from the local craftsmen. They created a handcrafted device for hammering in the posts, practically a hammer mounted on a tripod with a pulley. Thus, in partnership with the community and the mayor’s office we built seven beautiful and enduring bridges. The machine manufactured by the craftsmen of Alma Vii has since then been borrowed to the villages of Criț and Mălâncrav for the construction of similar projects.

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