A thriving local community is guided by visionary leaders

We all agree that a thriving local community is guided by visionary leaders who believe in the common good. And we also know that, unfortunately, in many communities in this country, we lack these “true leaders”, as we call them in the MET Foundation team. We feel motivated and indebted to the local communities in which we work to try to help identify and train potential future leaders.

First of all, it is very important to train these true leaders, for the harmonious development of a community in which each member has the opportunity to contribute and benefit from the common good.

Secondly, these true leaders represent an important link between us, the foundation, and the community. They help by informing us the needs of the community in which they live. MET then writes an application and tries to find funding to address the community problem identified by the leader. The leader also helps us find local partners to implement the project. The local partners are chosen according to sustainability criteria.

For 11 years, twice a year, MET team members have been participating in training workshops with Leoncio Orellana, an international expert and specialist in community development and leadership training. Together we developed a guide for identifying and training a local leader thus becoming local leader trainers. In short, the steps are:

  1. Identifying a possible community leader;
  2. Identifying those characteristics that the person has to become a leader;
  3. Developing the aspects of personality that he lacks to become a leader. This is done in several training workshops, held in groups but also individual meetings;
  4. Long-term mentoring by the MET team.

We are proud to state that we have succeeded in motivating many people in the communities where we are active to join us on this new path and to understand the concept of the common good, which can lead to the prosperity of the community in which they live.

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